Value-added tax refund (payment) simulation is added to the “YAS China Information” page on the Japanese website


A useful value-added tax refund (payment) simulation was recently added to the “YAS China Information” page on the Japanese website.


This is an easy-to-use simulation system where refunds or payments of the very complicated value-added tax in China are automatically calculated by simply entering purchase price and export value. The system has been available since May 31, 2005, and has already earned a favorable reputation from customers. The system calculates the amount of a refund of value-added tax in advance, which is set at as high as 17% in general, without requiring difficult and complicated calculations, which is helpful in forming a production plan.

 On this site, the “Search for a City in China” function was available as the first tool in April, followed by the phased upload of the latest information on the legal system and other information regarding logistics in China. The purpose of the site is to be a functional base for transmission of information meeting the needs of customers.