YAS opens a representative office in Vienna, Austria

Yusen Air & Sea Service Co., Ltd., will open a representative office in Vienna, the capital of Austria, and start operations on July 1, 2005, as part of the sales enhancement strategy for Eastern Europe. The purposes of the opening are to collect information and conduct marketing activities in former East bloc nations, such as Slovakia and Romania, into which Japanese companies are likely to expand. In addition, the company intends to strengthen cargo services in Vienna, Austria and the neighboring countries and intensify communication about trucking with customers and the place of origin in cooperation with local agencies. Vienna is regarded as an important hub for freight forwarding to Central and Eastern Europe as well as the information center of the region. To complement the existing transportation route via Frankfurt, we will establish a transportation system to Eastern Europe via Vienna and further enhance services. Manager: Shigeru Saiki * The address, telephone number, and other information will be reported later.