YAS (France) raises its Lyon representative office to the status of a branch.

Yusen Air & Sea Service (France) S.A.R.L. (Managing Director: Masafumi Soemoto) raised the Lyon representative office to the status of a branch and started its operation on May 2. On this occasion, it also moved to a new location.

New address: c/o NYK Logistics France

Parc de Chesnes - Quatre Routes

7, rue des Quatre Routes BP35

38291 St. Quentin Fallavier cedex


Branch ManagerF Ms. Estelle Taburiaux

* The phone and fax numbers remain the same.

Concurrently, the number of staff has increased from one to two. It will conduct sales and operation focusing on the export to Japan of local companies in Lyon and its surrounding areas, gradually expanding its sales area to south of Lyon. Located in the Lyon Branch of NYK Logistics France, we are also committed to enhance liaison with NYK Logistics and then synergy within the NYK group.