YAS (USA) Houston acquires TAPA Class A

The Houston Branch of Yusen Air & Sea Service (U.S.A.) Inc. (President: Masatoshi Moriya) acquired the Class A level, the highest-level certification of Technology Asset Protection Association (TAPA)*, on March 15, 2005. As Yusen Air & Sea Service (U.S.A.), this is the sixth accreditation.

YAS (USA) will make the most of the acquisition of the TAPA certification, not only for security measures, but also to secure the customers' profit and to improve the service quality in synergy with the ISO certification. For this purpose, we are committed to making continuous efforts to acquire the TAPA certification for the remaining major branches.


TAPA stands for the Technology Asset Protection Association, and is a nonprofit-making association of security professionals, and persons in charge of security from high technology companies. It was established for the purpose of addressing the emerging robbery by international crime syndicates, and other security threats that are common to the global high-tech market.The certification is classified into three levels: Class A (the highest), then B and C levels.