YAS (Benelux) opens a representative office in Barcelona

YAS (Benelux) opens a representative office in Barcelona

Yusen Air & Sea Service (Benelux) B.V. (President: Fumihiko Tatematsu) opened a representative office in Barcelona, Spain, and started operation on February 1, 2005.

The purpose for opening this office is, to provide strengthened logistics service in Southern Europe, which allows YAS's global network to be enhanced.

It can provide a prompt response to customers and timely support for local agencies operation. Thus, it aims to expand its sales to automobile-related manufacturers and consumer-electronics manufacturers in Spain.

In addition, we will further strengthen the sales of "Barcelona Express"*, integrated transportation service of ULD (Unit Load Device) for Barcelona, which has already acquired a good reputation from a large number of customers, and are committed to making efforts to further improve services for customers in Southern Europe.

Office overview

Name: Yusen Air & Sea Service (Benelux) B.V.

Barcelona Representative Office

Address: Calle "E", Sector "C"

P.I. Zona Franca 08040

Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34-932-607-028

Fax: +34-932-607-007

Manager: Masaki Hirasawa

Barcelona Express:

One of YAS's existing services to offer integrated bonded transportation of ULDs from Japan, other Asian countries, and the U.S. to Barcelona via Amsterdam or Milan. The transfer between a transit airport and Barcelona is made by chartered trucks. The advantages are the following: 1) To avoid damage and theft, 2) To shorten lead-time in transportation, and 3) To accurately clear the cargo trace.