YAS provides support for Sumatra Earthquake

The YAS Group provided free transportation of relief goods for the earthquake off the West Coast of Sumatra (Indonesia) and the Indian Ocean Tsunami occurred in December 2004.

The support is provided with collaboration of free transportation from airlines and shipping companies including Nippon Yusen Kaisha, NYK Line, mostly in the Asian region. YAS's local subsidiaries offered free import/export services such as packing and customs clearance in terms of transportation of medical equipment and relief goods to the devastated areas as well as the company's warehouse in Singapore as accumulation depots to accept relief goods from private citizens and companies for the year-end/new-year period.

In addition to the free support, the company and the group companies plan to give donations to the local Red Cross organizations and Unicef organizations or voluntary fund raising of executives and employees.

The YAS Group is committed to provide continuous support that meets the changing situation.