YAS (Philippines) opens South Laguna Branch

YAS (Philippines) opens South Laguna Branch

Yusen Air & Sea Service (Philippines) Inc. opened and started operation of its South Laguna Branch on January 10, 2005. The purpose of the opening is to further enhance our service to customers in the South of Laguna as well as Batangas, South East of Laguna, where significant increase has been observed in the volume of cargo handling in the export processing zone, which a number of major companies are recently concentrating in. Part of the sales team in the existing Laguna Branch was transferred to the new branch. The Laguna Branch was renamed North Laguna Branch, covering North of Laguna as its sales territory.

1. Name: Yusen Air & Sea Service (Philippines) Inc.

South Laguna Branch

2. Branch Manager: Ms. Apolinario

3. Operation started on: January 10, 2005 (Mon)

4. Address: Ground Floor Carmelray Administration Bldg.,

Carmelray Industrial Park U,

Km 54 National Highway, Calamba Laguna, Philippines

5. Phone: +63-49-545-1455

6. Fax: +63-49-545-3520

7. Additional information: The new office is located in the Carmelray Industrial Park, one of the export processing zones scattered about the provinces of Laguna and Batangas, South of Manila, from where customers in six export processing zones nearby including the Lima Technology Center and the First Philippines Industrial Park can be accessed in 30 minutes. Processors for customs clearance are stationed in addition to sales representatives in the office to offer more local-based prompt service.