Yusen Air & Sea Service is to replace its existing Tracking System with a new one from May 7, 2001. Hereunder we provide an outline of the new system ICSS (Integrated Customer Service System).

ICSS services are free, requiring payment of neither service-use charge nor registration charge. By accessing the system via the Internet, users can track shipments 24 hours a day, wherever they are. The system allows users to determine the status of goods in transit at each stage ("milestone") of the shipment process. With the present tracking system, clients can obtain only the data accessible using the house air waybill issued by YAS as the search key. The new system, however, has been designed to provide the maximum amount of information relating to transport operations handled or overseen by YAS. For instance, when the customer utilizes YAS for import operation only, the goods can be tracked from arrival at the airport right up to final receipt simply by providing the other forwarder's air waybill number.

To be able to provide more precise information, we have upgraded our core operational computer system to enhance electronic data interchange (EDI) with airlines, the Customs authorities, and other companies with whom we have tie-up arrangements. Thanks to this, we can offer more precise time estimates between a larger numbers of milestones on the total journey.

An outline of ICSS Functions

Quick Search: Using air waybill number as the key, allows the user to obtain basic information on the current status of the shipment and its history.

Optional Search: Registered users can obtain more detailed shipment data, including the current status of the shipment, a precise shipment history, and shipment statistics, and can view the house air waybill image on the screen.

Shipment data

The user defines the search parameters (time period, origin and/or destination) and the screen displays a list of shipments that match those criteria. Details of each listed shipment are available here.


The system automatically provides a "shipment report" and a "status report" of the listed shipments. These reports can be downloaded or printed out with one click of the mouse. This system will prove invaluable to users in establishing whether or not delivery has been made, and in confirming the time required between various milestones.

AWB Image

Users can display and/or print out air waybills whenever required.

Optional Search feature also allows searches to be made not only on the basis of the air waybill number, but also using the customer's own reference number. To use this feature, user registration is required. For further details, please contact the YAS marketing staff member.

YAS has been upgrading all features of its information system so as to be able to provide the data needed to support its customers' supply chain management. This encompasses the provision of an even wider scope of information on shipments location - more accurately and updated more frequently. The upgrading process will include the use of state-of-the-art information technology to improve our in-house computer system and enhance EDI with affiliated enterprises and various organizations. The Company intends to continue upgrading its system so as to be able to offer a service that accurately meets the diversifying range of needs of our customers and facilitates prompt response to emerging new needs amid the present rapidly changing business environment.

YAS is committed to making unrelenting efforts to improve its level of service and live up to its reputation as Japan's No.1 logistics support enterprise.